Channel 4’s iconic gameshow Countdown is in its 35th year, winning legions of fans from all ages and backgrounds. Now you can join in the fun at any of 13 unofficial tournaments in the UK and Ireland throughout 2017!

From Huddersfield to Bournemouth, and from King’s Lynn to Dublin, there’s a FOCAL tournament near you – find your nearest one here!

Bring along your friends and family to meet and play former and future Countdown champions and fans of the show – the standard can be high, but the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Just read these attendees’ experiences of FOCAL – you’ll make friends before you know it!  And after the tournament, there’s usually a tasty meal or a pub trip afterwards to look forward to.


How does FOCAL work?

13 qualifying events are being held across the UK and Ireland throughout 2017, independently run by anagram-loving organisers in their local area.

Just for taking part, you earn points at each event based on how many people attend and how well you do at them, so if more people come along, the higher your possible score! In December, the top 8 players in the standings will receive free entry into our FOCAL grand finals tournament, which will be held again in Birmingham! This will run alongside a regular Open tournament, so that everyone can enjoy what promises to be a high standard finale.

More details on how FOCAL and its tournaments work are available in our FAQs section!

Is FOCAL endorsed by Countdown?

No – it’s run by a band of hardy volunteers, and is completely unofficial, not-for-profit and not televised. No copyright infringement is intended.


For more information…

Email us at: focalcountdown@gmail.com,
or follow our updates on Twitter: @focalcountdown.

What are you waiting for? Find your nearest event here, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, and join in the fun now!


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