Need to stay over for Countdown in Leeds?


As our most recently-announced tournament, you may have started to look at Yorkshire accommodation options for the weekend of Countdown in Leeds.

Luckily, eagle-eyed Focaller Mark Mills (one of the stars of our What’s An Event Like? page) has noticed that there’s a sale on at The Village Hotel in Headingley, north Leeds, just a 2 mile walk or 10 minute taxi ride to the event venue, The Cardigan Centre. There’s free WiFi, a gym, spa and 25m swimming pool, and free parking – so it’s definitely a bit more plush than a Travelodge. Go to this link here and click on the ‘Book now’ option next to ‘North Leeds’!

If you stay over on the nights of Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April, you can get a double room for £95 (approx £24 pp per night) or a 3-person room for £125 (approx £21 pp per night).

If you only wanted to stay on the Friday, it’s £25 for a standard double room or £35 for a ‘club’ double room, which includes free access to the gym and pool, and just £40 for a 3-person room.

Unfortunately, just staying over on the Saturday isn’t an option with the deal as it’s a 2-night min stay over the weekend… so why not make a weekend of it?

We hope to see you in Leeds, wherever you’re staying!

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  1. Jason Larsen says:


    For me, I know going there is out of the question, but I have a question to keep in mind for next year.

    Will Zarte and I have trouble getting into the venue? In other words, is it wheelchair accessible?


    1. Jen Mandates says:

      Hi Jason,

      It’s totally wheelchair-accessible! One of the new updates to the FOCAL event pages for 2017 is that events now specify if they’re accessible or not. If you look at the page, you’ll see ‘Wheelchair accessible?’ as one of the points under the photo at the top 🙂 Hopefully more and more events will be accessible, so that you, Zarte and anyone else in a wheelchair can have a great FOCAL day out without having to worry about access!



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