ONE WEEK LEFT until Countdown in Lincoln 2017!

Next sign-up makes COLIN 2017 the biggest Countdown event EVER!

The 50 sign-ups so far for next Saturday matches the record set by Milton Keynes in 2015, but wouldn’t it be cool to start 2017 with a bang? (Bigger is better, after all. 🍆  ) You can also sign up for the Lincoln Hangover event, which is next Sunday. All the details are on the hyperlink above!

You can sign up on the day, but Ben would prefer it if you paid up in advance. So get on your PayPal now, chuck that dollar over, and come and play with us next weekend! 💸

…And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for our other events in BRISTOL (Saturday 18th February), MANCHESTER (Saturday 11th March), LEEDS (Saturday 1st April), LONDON (Saturday 6th May) and WATERFORD (Saturday 17th June)! We’re not needy, honest.

See you next Saturday?

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