FOCAL 2017 is underway, following a fantastic Countdown in Lincoln…

Countdown in Lincoln was only our first event of the year, but we broke a record!

An astonishing 52 people turned up to North Hykeham last Saturday to play Countdown, breaking the attendance record by 2 people and seeing the return of George Ford (one of the few Countdown contestants to have his own Facebook fan page) to the Co-event scene. Best of all, just a few hours previously, event stalwarts Adam Dexter and Lucy Westwood got engaged! (Many congratulations to them from the FOCAL team.)

After 3 rounds of high-octane anagramming, Dylan Taylor and Conor Travers were the only 2 unbeaten players. (They’re quite good at this game.) Although Conor took the lead, spotting FIESTAS midway through the game, it went to a crucial conundrum, which you can watch here:

It was Dylan who unscrambled the crucial in under a second, handing him his first COLIN victory!

After some much-needed pub revelry at the beloved Fox and Hounds pub, it was back to playing in the Hangover event on Sunday. After 4 games, James Robinson and Eddy Byrne – perfectly embodying the spirit of the event by having been utterly ravaged by alcohol the night before – played out a final that, once again, went to a crucial conundrum, with Eddy 9 points up…

This was Eddy’s first ever event win, so congrats! (He then had to scamper off to make his flight home.) Amazingly, neither winner is in our FOCAL top 8 – you can see our top 8, as well as our full standings, here!

Cheers Ben, we had a great time! If you’ve enjoyed reading about this, then look at the newly-added photos in our photo gallery, and join us in Bristol on Saturday 18th February or one of our many other events so you too can play Countdown and make new friends!

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