New events: BOURNEMOUTH, MILTON KEYNES and GLASGOW tournaments announced!

Scots, Midlanders and those of you on the South Coast – tired of seeing events you can’t get to? You’re going to enjoy this post, because that’s about to change!

Happily, we can confirm details for 3 more events – including a BRAND NEW one! Click on the links below to read all about these forthcoming events…

The inaugural BOURNEMOUTH event, to be held on Saturday 29th July 2017;

The third MILTON KEYNES event, to be held on Saturday 12th August; 

The third GLASGOW weekend, to be held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November.

Hope to see you at one/some/all of them! And don’t forget to sign up for our Bristol event, which is next Saturday.

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  1. Jason Larsen says:

    I love that FOCAL is expanding!

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