Want to play Countdown online? Try Apterous.org!

Love Channel 4’s Countdown? Want one of their legendary teapots? Always wanted to apply for the show, but didn’t feel confident enough to do so? Sign up to Apterous.org!

Since it was launched in 2008, every Countdown series winner (that’s 17 of them) has had an Apterous account and improved dramatically as a result of it.

You’ll get 30 free trial games, after which you’ll need to subscribe. Subscription costs £20 a year – for which you’ll get UNLIMITED games against humans or computer ‘bots’, whether you want to play 15 rounders, 9 rounders, all-letters games, all-numbers games, all-conundrum games or anything else you can think of!

Additionally, you can play in 15 different languages, some crazy new ways to play the English game, and get access to ‘Lexplorer’, the most comprehensive source there is for checking which words are Countdown-valid. (Even more than the official Countdown phone app.)

Not to mention you’ll probably end up befriending some of the weirdos you play on there:


It’s worked for those 17 series champs – and it will probably work for you too!

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