FOCAL’s biggest side project yet – introducing the H2H-o-Matic!

FOCAL are delighted to announce the release of the H2H-o-Matic, a programme which documents – as far as has proven possible – every game result in Co-event history!

Players can see how many events they’ve been to, how many games they’ve won, and their head-to-head records with everyone, as well as the score/location of each game (if we have the data available to us).

It’s taken a year of arduous (if intermittent) work from myself [Jen], Jack Worsley and Graeme Cole as well as a host of volunteers [list at the bottom of the post], has involved plenty of mind-numbing data entry, conflicting information and blanks in people’s memories, and our database was held to ransom at one point, but finally the vast majority of events are fully accounted for – so it’s time to share it with the community! A link will be put on the Current Standings page of this website so you can check it out whenever you feel like it.

Just a few notes…
– We’re missing the majority of fixtures/results from COLEI 2009/10/11 and COEDI 2012, so if you were at any of these events and remember who you played in which round and what the outcome was, please email us! (A few other events have a handful of fixtures/results missing, but that’s a longer list.)
– Likewise, if you spot any mistakes in the data, please let us know :)
– This is a prototype at the moment. Hopefully the H2HOM will be expanded and prettified in due course, but for now, enjoy the basic function!

As far as we can see, the most common fixtures in Co-event history are Graeme Cole v James Robinson and Jack Worsley v Dylan Taylor, with 13 games played each.

Enjoy – and if you want to see your name on the list, sign up to King’s Lynn next Saturday (27th May) now 😀

Thank you to all volunteers on the H2H-o-Matic project:
Ben Wilson
Dave Noble
Julie McCarthy
Thomas Carey
Ian Volante
Johnny Canuck
James Laverty

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