A very long-overdue update…

Apologies for the silence! This is just a quickie (wahey) to summarise the highlights of the last few months:

  • FOSTER’S ON FIRE: Rob Foster is yet to appear on the show, but he’s the man to beat at our events at the moment. A community veteran, he’s won 3 of the last 4 FOCAL tournaments – those in King’s Lynn, Bournemouth and Milton Keynes (he didn’t attend Waterford) – and also made the final of Countdown in London. Currently placed 5th, he’s a good bet to make the FOCAL Finals in December. Want to have his skillz? Sign up to Apterous.org.
  • RODENT WINS CO-EVENT: Thomas Carey, the Series 73 semi-finalist known as ‘Maus’ owing to his rodentian appearance, won the inaugural event in scenic Waterford back in June. He won all his games to take home the title, and currently sits in joint 2nd place in the overall FOCAL rankings.
  • GIRL POWER: Hazel Drury made history at Waterford by becoming the first woman to make a Co-event final, with her 2nd-place finish being the highest female finish ever. Although the final didn’t go her way, she finished the game in some style by unscrambling EGGSARPOO as GASPERGOO, a type of fish, in just 1 second. With strong recent finishes for Ann Dibben (3rd at Bournemouth) and Jen Steadman (3rd at Milton Keynes) as well, we may soon see our first female champion…
  • EVENTS AREN’T A POPULARITY CONTEST, BUT: Despite a slow start to sign-ups, Milton Keynes had its best attendance ever, filling its capacity with 52 keen beans. This means that the three largest Co-events ever (London, Lincoln and MK) have all taken place this year!! So thank you to everyone who has been a part of this so far, whether you’re an old hand or an excited rookie. We’ve also smashed last year’s number of new players. Last year we managed 43 newbies, but this year – with 5 events still to go – we’re already on a staggering 53. We’re so grateful to all the new players who have taken the plunge and joined us… and even more so that virtually all of them seem to have enjoyed themselves. We hope to see you all back at another event soon!
  • PARTY TIME: The details for Countdown in Birmingham and the FOCAL Finals have been announced! And entrance is over 10% cheaper than last year. Sign up now by sending £12.50 to chrismarshall82@btinternet.com, and you can be part of our anti-Christmas-themed end-of-year spectacle!Our next tournaments are in Huddersfield on 7th OctoberDublin on 21st OctoberGlasgow on 4th/5th November and Birmingham on 2nd December.

    We’re hoping to have a provisional calendar of 2018 events up soon, as well as the details for the 14th Countdown in Lincoln (and the 4th Hangover event). Subscribe to our updates for hopefully more prompt notifiers than this!

Sign up to our upcoming events please xoxo

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