Updated: “As things stand” results table after Milton Keynes (4 Aug), FOCAL 2018

Our resident statistician Zarte Siempre has filed this report after his Milton Keynes tournament earlier this month, along with this spreadsheet setting out the latest movers and shakers…


Well, it’s not unfair to say that it’s slightly harder to find the energy to write this review having run the event in question, however 48 people descended onto my patch of Milton Keynes to take part in the biggest FOCAL event outside of the capital this year!

Once again, Tim Down made the final, but once again, he was pipped to the post by a player going unbeaten on the day. This time that player was Callum Todd, who after several missed attempts to take a title, has now won two on the bounce. It’s unlikely to see him through to the finals though, as I suspect this may be his last event of the year as a player.

Get your lift music ready (which Jason will be able to provide you with), because we’ve got some serious elevation going on after that event. In 3rd place is Jessica Pratesi with a super jump from 78th to 34th! In second place, with her best ever event performance I believe, jumping from 127th to 81st is Sarah Bladon – 46 places! But not quite as wow as a FIFTY-SEVEN place jump from 129th to 72nd for Mr. Dave Ryan!

And what of the highest new entries? Well for the year alone, that honour goes to last year’s FOCAL champion, whose only come out into the light for the first time this weekend. A 5th place finish sees Rob Foster go into 50th place. But possibly even more impressive is our highest brand new player, who with an 8th place finish soars into 53rd place – well done Luke Johnson-Davies!

Callum’s 2nd win a row proves that sometimes it only takes one to bring out the confidence to build up some momentum. He becomes the sixth person to win their second event in their next appearance after their first win! The others are Chris Wills (Lincoln 2005/2006), Mark Deeks (Lincoln/Reading 2013), Jack Worsley (Leamington/Countdown Aces 2013), Oliver Garner (London 2017/2018) and the only person to win their first three on a bounce, Ed McCullagh (Dublin 2016/2017, Newcastle 2018).

Now to the yearlies – we have now had 325 separate entries this year by 156 individuals. This lists the average attendance to 36 per event. Compared to MK this time last year, this means the average is constant, but as we’re down one event, we’re 33 down on separate entries. However we’re only five down on total players, so we’re doing a pretty good job of spreading the game.

Next time, it’ll be Sean Fletcher and Jeff Clayton, giving it their full welly down in Bournemouth on Saturday 18th August. I imagine a sea breeze will be lovely in this enduring hot weather, so why not consider heading to the coast now! Good luck to the gents running it.

Until next time!


PayPal: jeff@focalcountdown.co.uk

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