May Day update: FOCAL league table for the year so far…

First, a look at the Top 20 after five events in Lincoln, Edinburgh, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and York.

Rank order is by total FOCAL Points, then best finish at a single event. Players score FOCAL Points just for turning up, and every participant adds two points to the best possible result. The main event at Lincoln drew 51 contenders, so this meant a top score of 102 for the winner, 100 for the runner-up, 98 for 3rd place, and so on.


Notwithstanding the weighting of this well established event every January, the other gigs which followed have all helped to shape the standings as winter turned to spring. Our thanks to all organisers, and a special mention to Innis, Zarte and George for delivering our newest events in Edinburgh and York.

High standards from Callum Todd and Bradley Horrocks mean they maintained their one-two on the grid after York. Strong performances there also saw Richard Priest and Hazel Drury move into the Top 10, whilst Tim Down, Stewart Gordon, Tracey Mills and Dinos Sfyris all moved up into the Top 20.

Here’s the link to the FOCALISER stats table in full.

Our next event is in London on Saturday 11th May — last few places available, full details on our web page here. We’re expecting over 60 contenders — lots of FOCAL Points on the board; movers and shakers guaranteed!

After that, we’re off to Cambridge on Saturday 8th June, then West Yorkshire on Saturday 13th July.

How does it all work? Want to get involved? Do you go to the pub afterwards?
Twitter: @focalcountdown

Look forward to hearing from you!


(yes, we do go to the pub).

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