FOCAL Chair Jeff speaks to FOCAL Champ Callum on brand new ‘Focal Talk’ podcast.

FOCAL Chair Jeff Clayton was interviewed by 2019 FOCAL Champion Callum Todd this month as part of a brand new podcast – ‘Focal Talk’ – hosted by Callum and Series 81 star Paul Anderson. You can listen to an excerpt from the interview above.

The Focal Talk podcast will be a monthly release covering the latest events in the Countdown community, including FOCAL events. It will feature guest spots from some of the biggest and most interesting names within our community.

To listen to episode 1 in full, which also has Series 81 champion James Haughton as a guest and includes the rest of Jeff’s interview covering his experiences on the French Countdown circuit, check out the links below.

Focal Talk Episode 1:

Full podcast (2 hours 33 minutes): Podbean

Abridged version (67 minutes): Podbean

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