FOCAL is back for 2021!

It’s been a turbulent year and a half for us all and FOCAL has been no exception. Since the interruption to our event calendar after our Manchester event in February 2020 there has been only one FOCAL event: Eoin Jackson’s Waterford in August 2020.

Group photo at our Waterford event in 2019

But we’re pleased to announce that the FOCAL ball is rolling once more and we have at least two events scheduled for the remainder of 2021. The first is right back where we were last: in Waterford, Ireland! Calling all Irish countdowners: please see the Waterford 2021 event page for more details and join us if you can on Saturday 24th July. We are immensely grateful to Eoin for managing the impressive feat of staging two consecutive FOCAL events during the most uncertain times.

Blackpool 2019: Group fun at the Pleasure Beach

For our Great Britain-based eventgoers, we also have the return of Mark Mills’ popular Blackpool event. To get back in the FOCAL groove on Saturday 14th August, please take a look at our Blackpool 2021 event page for all the details.

We also have two other events in the works for later in 2021. Stay tuned for more details on them.

Please be reassured that whilst we continue to live with the ongoing prevalence of Covid-19, the FOCAL team and all of our event organisers are keeping safety in mind to make sure everyone will be safe attending our events. If you have any questions at all about FOCAL events, please contact us at

As for how the logistics of the FOCAL league will work, we have made the decision to merge events from 2020 and 2021 into the 2022 league table. There have been too few events to stage a finals event in 2021 so if you already have some FOCAL points on the board from 2020, keep playing throughout 2021 and 2022 and we hope to see you at our next FOCAL finals event at the end of 2022!


In Other News

After three and a half years of sterling work, Jeff Clayton stood down as FOCAL chair in June. Callum Todd has taken the reins from July 2021. Callum would like to place on record his great thanks to Jeff for all of his work on FOCAL in the past. Jeff will continue to attend and organise FOCAL events and we look forward to seeing him there.

JEFF CLAYTON: FOCAL event organiser extraordinaire

We have introduced a FOCAL Code of Conduct, effective from 10th July 2021. See it here. It contains nothing particularly new but merely formalises unwritten rules as a precautionary measure to safeguard all FOCAL event attendees. Anyone attending or organising a FOCAL events hereon is subject to the FOCAL Code of Conduct.

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