Back-to-back Waterford wins take Eddy top of the table!

It’s been a long wait for a co:event since our last tilt in August 2020 but 11 months on we finally got there – and it turns out you didn’t have to look far to see where we would go next after our last event! Waterford played host to the second FOCAL event running and the setting wasn’t the only thing unchanged: Eddy Byrne took on Brendan Duke in the final once more and it was Eddy who yet again emerged victorious, claiming his third Waterford title in a row.

Waterford 2021: Winner winner, chocolate dinner

Victory in the last two FOCAL events has taken Eddy top of the table in this season, as you can see on our updated standings page.

Check out our Gallery to see a few pictures from the event, and in the meantime here’s some quotes from satisifed Waterford attendees:

“Great event, looking forward to next year already, well done to all involved in the organisation!!”
-Elaine McCormick Dunne

“That’s 3 in a row now!”
-Eddy Byrne

“That was brilliant, thanks again. I am now on a MISSION to get it going in Monasteraden…”
-Jessamine O’Connor

“Made a new playlist of the streams [ … P9t2zBUZOh]. Now going to have fun watching again as the rain falls in Dublin..”
-James Grant

“That’s why she’s on a short leash…”
-Annalisa Byrne

Eddy will be attempting to consolidate his lead at the top of the FOCAL table at our event in Blackpool next weekend. There’s still two spaces left so hurry if you want to take part!

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