Two more events! Braintree closes 2021, and Manchester is added to the 2022 Calendar.

Fresh from our latest news of two big events for 2022, we have two more events to announce!

First up is our final event of 2021, as former FOCAL chair Jeff Clayton and his capable assistant Rachel Perkins bring back the Braintree event which was a great success in 2019. Take a look at our dedicated Braintree 2021 page to get all the details and sign-up quick to get your final FOCAL fix for the year!

Secondly, we have another huge city event to announce for 2022. Sandwiched in between the already announced Lincoln and London events, Mark Mills and James Robinson will be bringing FOCAL back to Manchester on February 26th 2022. This is the only Bristol-style event of those currently confirmed for the future, so if that’s your bag then make sure you get signed up ASAP! Head over to the Manchester 2022 page for all the details.

Manchester 2020: Also in attendance were Countdown-loving couple Mark and Tracey.

To keep up to date with all the latest news and event announcements, you can follow us on our social media channels and keep checking back on our Upcoming Events page. To summarise, we currently have confirmed:

November 13th 2021: Braintree

January 29th-30th 2022: Lincoln

February 26th 2022: Manchester

April 9th 2022: London

We hope to see you at at least one of those events!

Attending or organising a FOCAL event is subject to the FOCAL Code of Conduct.

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