Conor wins the double as COLIN returns to kick off the FOCAL 2022 calendar

Lincoln Hangover 2022: Conor wins the double!

After a two year wait, our beloved COLIN event finally returned last weekend to kick FOCAL’s 2022 off in style.

The double-header event began, as is traditional, at the Fox and Hounds pub on Friday night where Series 80 champion Dinos tackled the burger challenge before the darts tournament was dominated by Team Yorkshire.

Lincoln 2022: Dinos tackles the Fox and Hounds burger challenge, with George and Tom for encouragement

The weekend’s gameplay was kicked off with a bangon Saturday at the Ark when the record for highest ever score at COLIN was broken in round 1 with a score of 96.

After 6 games played per person, only Bradley Horrocks remained undefeated. This was a continuation of strong form by the Champion of Champions XV runner-up as at his last event appearance, in Blackpool last year, he won every game to claim his first ever FOCAL event win. In the final he would meet one of the opponents he had already conquered throughout the day: 30th Birthday Champion Conor Travers, who was making his first appearance at a FOCAL event since the last Lincoln tournament two years ago.

Lincoln 2022: Gameplay in full swing

Unfortunately for Bradley, he was unable to make it an astonishing 14 co:event games won in a row as Conor showed his COLIN final experience by claiming a comfortable victory. Having first won COLIN all the way back in 2008 as a child, and also having claimed the Hangover trophy in 2015, Conor has now won Lincoln events in three different decades! Proof it it was still needed that he is Countdown’s answer to Federer, O’Sullivan, or Brady.

Lincoln 2022: George plays darts

After another evening in the Fox and Hounds – where Graeme and Tim formed COLIN’s most iconic pool duo since… well, Graeme and Mark – everyone returned for more anagram action at the Hykeham Memorial Hall on Sunday. For this event only, as it was the 30th event he had hosted, Ben replaced the large numbers (25, 50, 75, and 100) with multiples of 30 (30, 60, 90, 120). This caused much excitement amongst the numberists in the room, who wasted no time in figuring out and applying new tricks to make 184, 358, and more!

Lincoln Hangover 2022: Cal gives the thumbs up again

Four games apiece were played this time, and the final standings showed a freakish repeat of the main event of the previous day! Yet again Bradley was the only player to emerge with a 100% record, and yet again Conor was in second place having fallen only to Bradley. So it was to be a rematch of the previous day’s final. As a renowned numbers specialist, Bradley was hoping the new funky large numbers would make enough difference to prevent the final from also being an exact copy of the Saturday event.

Lincoln 2022: Dinos and Richard enjoy the Lincoln double-header

And there was to be some difference in the end as this final was a much closer affair, going right down to the wire with a crucial conundrum. Unfortunately for Bradley, it was Conor who got there first to become the first player to do the Lincoln double since Jack Worsley in 2018.

COLIN has always been the jewel in the co:event calendar and we were delighted to have it back after it was much missed in the unusual circumstances of last year. Congratulations to Conor for winning both events and a huge thanks to Ben for putting on a great show!

On to the next one…

As you can see on our League Table page, Bradley’s heroics over the Lincoln weekend have put him in a solid 4th place in the standings at this stage, while Eddy has maintained pole position and George has broken into the top 8 for the first time.

With everyone’s appetites freshly whetted for more FOCAL events, thankfully the next event is only a few weeks away. Join us on 26th February as Mark and James bring us a Manchester extravaganza.

Following that, our next two events are in London on 9th April and the North East on 14th May. Keep checking back at our Upcoming Events page to see the latest news as new events are announced. We’re looking forward to unveiling our Irish double-header in June and we’re also currently working on plans to put on events in Dublin, the South of England, and possibly Edinburgh.

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