Bristol 2016

Countdown in Bristol (CoBris) took place on 27th February for the second consecutive year, hosted by Mark Murray and Jeff Clayton.

The finalists, Series 63 winner Jack Hurst and Series 66 winner Jack Worsley. They’re definitely not Jack Shit.

37 players, but just 1 overall winner. That player was Series 63 champion and former record-breaking octochamp Jack Hurst, who defeated this year’s CoLin and The Hangover winner Jack Worsley in a close 14-round Group A final that finished 105-92.

After 3 rounds of games were randomly drawn and played, players were separated into 5 groups based on their results and battled it out to see who would win each group.

Group E was won by Toby Pereira, Group D by another Worsley – Jack’s dad, Paul Worsley (winning runs in the family), Group C by Series 72 champion Tom Cappleman, brushing himself off after a brutal draw in the first three games, and Group B by Tom Carey.

By virtue of qualifying as the higher seed, Jack Worsley called the coin toss for the final. He won and opted to go first, citing the advantage with numbers picks. However, an invalid word in R5 and an incorrect attempt at the first conundrum from ‘Worsles’ presented Jack Hurst with two opportunities to take the lead. Hurst remained calm and assumed control with a 17-point half-time lead (40-57). A further incorrect word from Worsley at R11 saw Hurst move 23 points clear with three rounds to go, and both spotted TABOOED as the only available 7 in the last letters game. With Hurst now in an unassailable position, Worsley played for points and restored some of the deficit, unscrambling the final conundrum EYEBORING in two seconds to bring his score to 92.

After the tournament, most players headed onto popular buffet restaurant Zsa Zsa Bazaar to gorge themselves on a plethora of cuisines, before moving onto the pub – as usual!

37 contestants took part, from across the UK and Ireland
77 rounds played (+3 practice rounds)
110 wins recorded
2,803 rounds played by all contestants
16,886 points scored by all contestants
6.02: Average points per round.

Hosted at Bristol County Sports Club
40 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5AE

Date: Saturday 27th February 2016
Admission was:
 £15pp (included tea/coffee on arrival and buffet lunch)
Doors opened: 9am for 10am start
Presented by: Mark Murray and Jeff Clayton
Format: Classroom, big screen graphics
Guaranteed to compete in: 6 games
Finished by: 6pm