Leeds 2016


by Callum Todd

Prior to 30 avid anagrammers descending on a pub in central Leeds, Gevin Chapwell and James Laverty kicked off the day with a park run in Woodhouse Moor. They both set personal bests: Gevin with 19:04, and Laverty with 21:53. But their real endurance test was yet to come, as after finishing with 44 points apiece in Round 1, it took SIX tie-break conundrums to separate them. Levelling the score between them after Gevin’s superior parkrun time, Laverty clinched the victory.

In Round 3, Jack Worsley came away from Table 1 with his unbeaten record still intact, having recorded wins over Thomas Carey and Ben Wilson. Innis Carson’s astonishing haul of 82 points in both games was enough to overcome a very strong Table 2, with Kirk Bevins and Dan McColm as his opponents opponents, and put him in second place on five wins.

The only person to have beaten Innis on the day, Jen Steadman, came out on top of Table 3 with wins over Eddy Byrne and Tracey Mills to put her in third place. This set up two semi-finals that were both rematches of games to have taken place earlier in the day. Innis faced Jen, while top seed Jack went up against fourth placed Thomas Carey.

CoLeeds 2016: Jen and Tracey are sisterrrrs doing it for themselves.

Amazingly – although perhaps foreshadowed by Laverty’s earlier retribution against Gevin – both semi-finals saw revenge for the players beaten earlier on the day, as Innis beat Jen despite having lost to her in Round 2, and Tom overcame Jack with a last second solve of the crucial conundrum ROXYPOEMS, correctly deciphering it to MYXOSPORE.

After some… questionable choices of walk-on music, play began in a final showdown between our two worthy semi-final winners. Innis’s safe 6 gave him a lead in the final when Tom attempted a 7 with stouted^, which turned out to be incorrect (TESTUDO was the valid anagram). That six point gap turned out the be decisive as the two finalists were level on all other rounds, and neither Tom nor Innis could unscramble the crucial conundrum LOLSCREEN to its solution ENSORCELL. This meant that Innis claimed his second victory over Tom, having already beaten him in Round 2, and became the first ever Co:Leeds champion.

With a very impressive eight co:event wins under his belt, only Jack Worsley, who ended in third place at Co:Leeds as the highest seeded defeated semi-finalist, has more, with ten.

To put spot prizes in the spotlight for a moment, Ben Wilson claimed the “Fucking Great Word” award for rudest word, having declared SCROTAL in Round 1. Zarte Siempre won the “Top Spot” award for best spot, finding BASILECT in Round 3 to narrowly beat Matty Artell’s Round 2 pick MASCARAED. Conrad Teixeira won both the “Keepin’ It Fresh” award for highest place co:event debutant in 10th, and the “Soak It Up” award for declaring SPONGIEST in Round 3. But most importantly of all, Phil Jarvis collected the “Yorkshire Ts” award for the declaring the most words beginning with T: an impressive six.

After a break for mealtime, twenty people remained to take part in a post-event team quiz. It was a tough one, but in the end Team Food – consisting of Chris Marshall, Jeff Clayton, Zarte Siempre, our champ Innis Carson, and latecomer Rory Miller – were judged to be victorious with a score of 43½, rounding off what was a very successful day for Innis.

Overall the event was a massive success. Great contests were played out, programmes were got, drinks were drank, and much fun was had. Same again next year, please.

Full event results are available HERE

Quiz questions available HERE; quiz answers available HERE


Date: Saturday 30th April 2016
The George, Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BB
Admission: £10, payable via PayPal at this link
Doors open: 11am for a 12pm start
Presented by: Callum Todd, winner of Countdown series 69 (2013) and proud Yorkshireman
Games to be played: 6, plus the final
Finishes by: 7pm