So… Focal does Countdown tournaments.
How do these Focal events work?

  • An organiser books a venue – almost always on a Saturday – from late morning until early evening.
  • Focal provides support and resources to the organiser before and on the day.
  • You pay the entrance fee in advance (typically between £10 and £15), turn up, and play some games of Countdown! It’s that simple.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends during the events, and sometimes with a group meal booked at a pub or restaurant afterwards, too.

Lincoln 2017: Tim and Lauren reeeally love COLIN.

What does the entrance fee pay for?

Mostly the venue – but also the prizes (for a variety of achievements), pens, notepads, and any other mementos. These have included branded bottle openers, Focal calendars, magazines, and framed individual poems.

The organiser also prices in a £1 levy per entrant – this funds our Focal Finals event at the end of the year, with a reduced entry fee and/or some little gifts as a thank you to the community for supporting us throughout the year.

And just in case you’ve got any queries, Focal’s accounts for each year are available on request too.


How do you play?

Each tournament is different. There are two main styles of play:

‘Lincoln’ style: Three to a table, where one person hosts and adjudicates while the other two play and pick their own letters and numbers in turn. So you play twice and host once at the table, and normally visit two or three tables over the course of the day.

‘Bristol’ style: Classroom layout, where every table gets the same selections on a big screen at the front. All players play to the same letters and conundrums, but thanks to improvements in our software, now you can choose your own numbers pick.

Every tournament has its quirks, and we think Focal is all the better for the variety! Don’t panic – it’ll make much more sense once you turn up.


Am I welcome?

Everyone is welcome. There is no age limit, the youngest player was 9! So whatever your age, gender, colour or creed, we’re always happy to meet new and different people! (Maybe email us if you’re considering bringing a minor, so we can confirm that the event is suitable.)

Plus, you’re very welcome to bring friends, family members, other halves, work colleagues, people you’ve met on the bus… We count on your attendance to make this work.

Huddersfield 2016: A group of wild Countdowners poses with Jason and Penny Larsen, who flew 5,000 miles from Seattle to be at the tournament!

Are the other players any good?

There’s always a range of abilities represented at events. The high end is staggeringly high, at a level you’ll probably never see bettered. But most importantly, the majority of players enjoy their first event and come back for more. No-one will be judged for how they play – in fact, you’ll be encouraged to keep at it!

Additionally, if you have a bad start to a tournament, you’ll always end up playing those who have also had a bad start – so you won’t have to play six series champions in a row!

JC SF TCC prize giving

I want to win some games, though! How can I practise?

Sign up to www.apterous.org for a completely FREE 30 game trial. After that, you can pay a £20 subscription for unlimited games for a year. This is the best resource there is for improving your game, and it’s how EVERY series champion for the last ten years has practised.

Who runs Focal?

A team of four Senior Volunteers led by chair Jeff Clayton, series 76 semi-finalist and prolific event organiser, in conjunction with treasurer Chris Marshall, series 67 quarter-finalist and accountant. They are supported by Callum Todd and George Armstrong who have taken up new behind-the-scenes roles in 2020 to develop policies, processes and our online presence. Organisers detail their plans for each event beforehand to ensure everything is above board.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.29.56

Can I expect to see Susie, Rachel or Nick at an event?

Probably not.


Any more questions?