If this site has piqued your interest, you may also be interested in these sites!

We have a brand new blog on this very website, which posts up cheap hotel/travel deals relevant to our events, announces new event details as soon as they’re published, and offers extra insight into the world of Countdown with features, interviews, experiences and photo galleries. Scroll to the bottom of this very page to sign up to the blog – just enter your email to subscribe – and then click here to read it!

If you want to practise your skills before going to an event, head to, the most comprehensive practise site you’ll find. Virtually every series winner in the last decade is on there! You’ll get a free 30 game trial; a year’s subscription hereafter is £20 – but it’s more than worth it. There’s also the chance to get to know the people you’ll find at events.

Hungry for all the Countdown info? Click here to see the mind-blowingly comprehensive Apterous Wiki, with bios and game details for virtually every player in the show’s history! There are also links to all the previous tournaments over the years here.

Want to learn more about some of the community’s most familiar faces? Take a look at the Vox Ludio interviews on the Apterous blog.

Desperate to show off your skills on TV? Apply for the official show here!

Interested in hearing about what it’s really like behind the set? King’s Lynn organiser Mike Brown has collated loads of former contestants’ experiences on The Countdown Page! (Ed: my personal pick is Jon O’Neill’s lively retelling.)

Love rubbish, niche memes? There is a Countdown Memes page on Facebook.