Meet the Team

First and foremost, FOCAL is a series of tournaments run by hard-working volunteers. It is these event hosts that form the spine of FOCAL as without them we would have no events to attend or organise! Each one of these organisers gives up an awful lot of their own time, and often money, to put on a great community event for our benefit and we are immensely grateful for them.

At the organisational level, FOCAL is currently run by a small team of three volunteers, who all happen to hail from West Yorkshire! They are:

Callum Todd – Chair

Callum has been FOCAL chair since July 2021, when Jeff Clayton stood down after three and a half years. As chair, Callum takes ultimate responsibility for all FOCAL actions. He maintains the website, communicates with event organisers and attendees, and organises the end-of-year FOCAL Finals event.

Callum has been attending co:events since 2013 and has organised three FOCAL events in Leeds since 2016 as well as co-hosting several events with James Robinson. He also hosts the Focal Talk Countdown podcast and co-founded ZoomDown alongside Paul Anderson. Outside of Countdown, Callum loves sport, music, and science, and enjoys training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Chris Marshall – Treasurer

Chris Marshall has been attending co:events since 2013. As a professional ACCA accountant, Chris was a natural fit for the role of treasurer for FOCAL, and has served diligently in that role since FOCAL was founded in 2016. As treasurer, Chris maintains FOCAL’s accounts to make sure that we can pay for the year end Finals event and support event organisers with resources.

Chris was a Countdown quarter-finalist in 2012 and supports Huddersfield Town.

George Armstrong – Social Media and Communications

George has been attending FOCAL events since 2018 and organised his first tournament in York in 2019. As a moderator of the popular Countdowners Facebook group, he has been helping manage FOCAL’s social media presence since 2019.

George has been a part of the ZoomDown presenting team, and was a contesant in the 2020 Countdown Christmas Specials hosted by Colin Murray.