Milton Keynes 2019


Date: Saturday 10th August 2019
Venue: The New Queen Victoria, Church Street, Wolverton, MK12 5JN [map]
Admission: £15 (£14 for returning entrants from 2018)
Hosted by: Zarte Siempre and Innis Carson
Doors open: 10.30am for an 11.15am start
Games to be played: At least 8, plus Grand Final
Finishes by: 7pm
Wheelchair accessible?: No, despite one of the hosts being in a wheelchair…

Zarte says… “Robinson, Taylor, Foster, Todd… You?

Yes, like the gluttons for punishment which we are, we’re dusting off the big wooden board for its 5th outing, as is back!

Once again, my power duo of Innis Carson and Jason Leslie will be joining me, and I will likely be looking for an extra on the day host, to help cover for my diminished mobility, but that can be sorted nearer to the time.

Also once again, we will have a 10:30am door opening, for an 11:00am draw, for an 11:15am start – this time however we’ve moved a week later in the calendar, and so you will be seeing us on SATURDAY THE 10TH AUGUST.

Again, once again, we continue with the New Queen Vic pub. Whilst not the most accessible venue, it continues to offer us a friendly service, without having to charge you all a small fortune. My apologies to anyone else of limited mobility who would otherwise like to come, but I don’t think my being carried, or bum shuffling approach dependent on mobility on the day will be for everyone!

The venue is in Wolverton, which is one train stop on from Milton Keynes Central. There isn’t very much in Wolverton though, and people tend to go out on the Friday and Saturday in Milton Keynes itself, so if you’re planning on booking a hotel, I would advise doing so in the centre. There are several options, although Travelodge and Jury’s Inn tend to be the 2 that come out on top most often. Milton Keynes Central travels directly to and from lots of places, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Once more, once again, the format for mk5 will be unchanged from last year. You will get a minimum of 7 9-round games, but barring an absolute disaster (which we’ve never had yet, touchwood) you should get an 8th, before a showpiece final between the top 2. We will be continuing to use ten-letter conundrums – these seemed to work well last year, and we’ve not exhausted them all yet.

To take part in our wonderful event will cost you just 15 of your English pounds (or the appropriate exchange rate) – if you entered .co.mk4, you can have a £1 discount as a thank you for your continued support (No, you can’t have £2 off if you also had the discount last year, we’re not made of cash). Payments should be made by PayPal to – as we are a not for profit, PLEASE make sure you choose the friends and family option when you pay.

Food options are abundant both in MK and in Wolverton, however as our venue is a pub that has its own café – that is probably the most convenient – however, make sure you order in advance to avoid waiting.

There are a few parking options in the immediate vicinity, including the Tesco car park.

Thanks in advance for your support of the event, you always bring the noise, and we look forward to seeing you again!”