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Love Countdown? Want to delve into the online Countdown community? You’re in the right place! Here are some of the major websites home to Countdowners online. – Play online.

Apterous is the best place to practise the Countdown game online. It is home to ALL Countdown series champions going back more than 10 years. Play against other people or bots in normal Countdown rules or in all manner of crazy variants and meet a thriving community along the way. New users get a 30-game free trial.

Android app – play on mobile.

This Android app, developed by Countdown legend Jack Hurst, is by far the best mobile app available to play the game. Slick and intuitive, it uses the same dictionary as Countdown and FOCAL, and even has a daily challenge mode and leaderboards to compare yourself to some of the best players around! – Countdown discussion forum

Chat to Countdown enthusiasts, including legends of the show, about all things Countdown and otherwise! A lot of the organisational work for community events goes on here, as does discussion of the latest Countdown episodes, stats from the archives, and off-topic chat too.

The Countdown Wiki – Countdown database

The Countdown Wiki is the place to go to look up Countdown games past and present. A dedicated community maintains the database with all the latest games of Countdown, FOCAL event results , and ZoomDown scores.

ZoomDown – Games of Countdown livestreamed to YouTube

Started in 2020 to fill the Countdown void left by the Covid-19 pandemic, Paul Anderson’s ZoomDown is still going strong. Competitive games of all level are presented professionally for the enjoyment of a live YouTube audience. Previous guests have included Allan Saldanha, Susie Dent, and Paul Zenon. Join in the chat and play along!