Current Standings

Click here to see the latest standings after five events (Lincoln x2, Bristol, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Leeds).


Our resident statistician, Zarte Siempre, has filed the below summary.

FOCAL standings for 2018 after Event 5

Position/Name/No. of events/Latest event/Points total/Change

1 – Dylan Taylor – 4 – 5th – 252 – (Up 1)
2 – Zarte Siempre – 4 – 2nd – 232 – (Up 3)
3 – Tracey Mills – 5 – 13th – 222 – (Up 1)
4 – Jack Worsley – 3 – 6th – 210 – (Up 3)
5 – Thomas Cappleman – 3 – N/A – 204 – (Down 4)
6 – Graeme Cole – 3 – N/A – 184 – (Down 3)
7 – Tim Down – 4 – 3rd – 174 – (Up 7)
8 – Edward Byrne – 3 – N/A – 162 – (Down 2)

Another successful weekend in Leeds — our thanks to Callum Todd for putting on a bonza display as host.

Dan McColm finally won his first co-event, at the 17th attempt, but since this was his first gig of 2018, he’s the highest new entrant in at 34th. Of the very first timers, 2017 TV semi-finalist John Cowen took 22 FOCAL points from Leeds, and slots into the table at 61st.

There weren’t the massive leaps we’ve become used to at these events in recent months, despite the very respectable turnout. With a 4-way tie for the 2nd biggest jump, Bradley Horrocks, Anthony Endsor, Paul Worsley and Nathan Pace all move up 9 places into 9th, 16th, 23rd and 52nd respectively. The biggest winner in gain terms though is Dinos Sfyris, jumping 16 places into 31st!

The top of the leaderboard looks quite different: led by Dylan Taylor, then Tracey Mills in a new highest position (and having attended all five events this year so far), and Tim Down reaching the qualification spots for the first time – well done Tim!

The number of different people to have entered an event so far this year is 90! After the same number of events last year, we were on 88, so a slight gain. The number of attendances between those players is 161. This is unfortunately down by 24 but, we think, reflects a wider circuit, geographically.

The next event is the 2nd edition of Jen Steadman’s tournament in London on Saturday 12th May, which already has over 60 players signed up (and with capacity for 72). Will we improve our stats there? Let’s hope so! Good luck Jen, and hope to see all of you there!


The top eight ranked players at the end of the year get free entry to the FOCAL Finals, to be held in late November.

We also have our new feature, the H2H-o-matic, on which you can find all your results from Co-event history! CLICK HERE to play with it, and HERE for more details.