Current Standings

Click here to see the 2018 standings after three events.

Our resident statistician, Zarte Siempre, has filed the below summary.

FOCAL standings for 2018 after Event 3

Position – Name – Events Played – Result at latest event(s) – Points Total – Change
1 – Thomas Cappleman – 3 – 3rd – 204 – (Up 3)
2 – Dylan Taylor – 3 – 1st – 194 – (Up 4)
3 – Graeme Cole – 3 – 2nd – 184 – (Up 5)
4 – Edward Byrne – 3 – 9th – 162 – (Up 6)
5 – Jack Worsley – 2 – N/A – 154* – (Down 4)
6 – Tracey Mills – 3 – 7th – 154 – (Up 6)
7 – Callum Todd – 2 – N/A – 146 – (Down 5)
8 – Giles Hutchings – 3 – 12th – 142 – (Up 5)

*Jack is ahead of Tracey for having a better one-off result, with a 1st place.

Dylan Taylor took his first title of the year at Bristol in late February, just pipping the ever-popular finalist Graeme Cole to the title!

Mark Murray as usual put a lot of planning into his event, which I’m sure was appreciated by all. I hope to see more events from him in the future!

Congratulations to Tracey who makes her first ever appearance in the Top 8! If she can keep her attendances and performances up for the whole year, she could be a fun and vibrant addition to the finals!

In your first mover/shaker checkup of the year, we’ve got some decent jumps for this early in the year. In 3rd place, Tim Down and Jonathan Wynn both jump 7 places, and they both stay next to one another in 14th and 15th places. In 2nd place, Bradley Horrocks proves why he’s likely to be a table climber in the years to come as his first Bristol sees him go up 10 places to 17th! But the biggest mover, just, with a climb of 11 places, is Chris Marshall – he moves from 30th to 19th! Congrats Chris – keep it up!

Jon O’Neill remains the highest ranked player with just 1 tournament under their belt. 80 points may well be the highest single-tournament score for the whole season if he doesn’t sort his act out and turn up to more stuff.

Birthday boy Graeme Cole’s trip to the final was his 3rd, and unfortunately his 3rd defeat, and so I decided to look at people who’ve had the most 2nd places in co-events! In 4th place, and the unfortunate holder of the “Most finals without a victory” mantle is this year’s Lincoln runner-up, Callum. In third place is yours truly, with 6 runner-up places, versus just 3 wins. Must try better in finals! Jack is in 2nd place with 7 runner-up finishes… however when you compare that with the 20 1st places – the first to reach that milestone – it’s somewhat more forgiveable. But with 8 runner-up finished, versus 6 wins, our most silver co-eventer ever is… James Robinson! But considering he’s supported Huddersfield his whole life, I’m sure 2nd feels like a comparative joy to him! 😉

Next up we head to the aforementioned Mr. Robinson’s brand-new event in the vibrant city of Newcastle! I’ll be there, and if you have any common sense you will be too! Looking forward to catching up with you all!


The top eight ranked players at the end of the year get free entry to the FOCAL Finals, to be held once again in Birmingham in late November.

We also have our new feature, the H2H-o-matic, on which you can find all your results from Co-event history! CLICK HERE to play with it, and HERE for more details.