Lincoln 2017

Countdown in Lincoln – or COLIN – was the biggest Co-event ever and was won by Dylan Taylor, and the Lincoln Hangover was won by Eddy Byrne!



Date: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January
Venue: The Ark, Moor Lane (Saturday) and The Memorial Hall, Newark Road (Sunday), both North Hykeham
Admission: £14 for the Saturday, £9 for the Sunday, or £20 for both events
Start time: 11.30am (Saturday) and 11am (Sunday)
Presented by: Series 46 champion and winner of Lincolnshire Misanthropist of the Year 2015, Ben Wilson
Games to be played: 6 (Saturday) and 4 (Sunday), both events including a final between the top 2 players
Finishes by: 6pm (Saturday) and 2.30pm (Sunday)
Wheelchair accessible?: Yes ♿️

Ben says… “Thirteen? Unlucky for some… But not for fans of the oldest co-event on the FOCAL calendar!

Once again, Counting down will be taking place in Lincoln on the last weekend in January (my plans to have it on the second weekend and do a ‘COLIN the 13th’ style thing were kind of a non starter), and all are invited!

If you’ve never attended COLIN- or any other co-event- before, the format is quite simple. All the players are divided into groups of 3 where one player acts as ‘host’ whilst the other two play an old-fashioned 9 round game of Countdown. Everyone has a turn hosting (enabling everyone on the table to play the other two players once each), and after 3 of these rounds, when everyone has played 6 games and hosted 3, the top two players (sorted by number of wins, then by number of points scored) play in the grand final to determine the overall winner, and who gets to take home the COLIN perpetual trophy for the next year.

…That’s the Saturday main event, anyway. For the fourth year in a row, the day after ‘COLIN proper’ there will be a ‘hangover’ event of just two rounds (everyone plays 4 and hosts 2) followed by a final.

As with 2016 (this year? Last year?), Saturday’s main event will take place at the Ark on Moor Lane in North Hykeham. Here are directions from Hykeham Rail Station. Doors open at 10am, the draw for the first round of the main event takes place at 11:30 and games should get underway by 11:50.

The hangover this year is taking place at a new venue- or rather, an old venue, which is technically a new venue. The Memorial Hall on Newark Road (directions from the Thorpe on the Hill Travelodge here) will see Countdowning action for the first time in two years when the Hangover takes place there, starting at 11am (unless you’re Jen Steadman) and ending a little bit after 2:30pm.

Plenty of prizes will be on offer this (next?) year. In 2016 we had mugs- in 2017, we’ll also have mugs (albeit not as many). At CoNot V, we had handmade trophies, at COLIN XIII we’ll have handmade trophies (albeit very different to wooden cubes). Everyone will get a puzzle magazine (reminds me- must email Lee Fisher for a crossword), a pen, a notepad and another freebie that I’ve commissioned that should hopefully combine the feel of 2015’s sticker album with the fun of absolute mayhem. :) There will also be plenty of spot prizes available on the day, including our usual array of badges and maybe even a badger (Milton Keynes has moles, I apparently now have badgers).

Entry fees have, sadly, had to rise again, but they will remain at this price for this COLIN and COLIN XIV guaranteed. Entry into the main event will set you back £14, the hangover will cost £9, or you can enter both events for £20. I accept Paypal payments to…… or by cheque to my home address (available upon request).”

Previous winners…
2016: Jack Worsley
2015: Innis Carson
2014: Jack Hurst
2013: Mark Deeks
2012: Jon Corby
2011: Kirk Bevins
2010: Kirk Bevins
2009: Jon Corby
2008: Conor Travers
2007: Chris Wills
2006: Chris Wills
2005: Chris Wills

Find a report from last year’s event here, and pictures from it here!