Waterford 2018

The 2017 podium: Champion Thomas Carey, runner-up Hazel Drury and 3rd place Gerry Tynan.

Date: Saturday 2nd June 2018
Venue: Carbally Community Centre, Ballymacaw, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland
Admission: €15; further details including accommodation options set out below.
Starts at: 10.30.
Hosted by: Eoin Jackson
Games to be played: 6+

Waterford in southeast Ireland will once again showcase a FOCAL Countdown tournament this June. Your host is Eoin Jackson, who will take you through this Q&A…

Anyone at all! Having an interest in anagramming, word games, or puzzles would certainly make it more fun for you, but that is not a requirement. The event caters for all abilities. Some players will be very skilled, but many will be beginners. There will be prizes on offer at each ability level… so whether you are expert, intermediate or novice, there is a chance of coming away with a prize.

The event will be held in the Carbally Community Centre in Ballymacaw, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland (at the heart of the sunny southeast). The Community Centre is a 5 minute walk from a beach and around a 7 minute walk from the two local pubs, Dowers and Whites. The venue is very spacious, and contains kitchen facilities.

It kicks off at 10:30am, and will be use the Bristol-style classroom format. Everyone gets to see the same sets of letters and numbers, and to play them at the same time. Each person will have a direct opponent assigned randomly just before the start of each game, and everyone is guaranteed at least 6 games during the day. The results of the early matches will determine the composition of the different quarter final groupings.

The top 8 (sorted by number of wins, then number of points) will contest the quarter final group from which the event winner will come. The final game to determine the event winner will be the only game that won’t be done in the classroom-style setting. It will be a stand-alone match, and everyone will be welcome to stick around and spectate if they so wish.

After dinner, we’ll stroll down to Whites for a few games of pool, followed by an evening of music. Can’t bate the oul singsong! 🙂

Once again the aim is to make this as cheap as possible while still covering costs. This year there are two price plans:-PLAN #1 [FULL PACKAGE]: 35 – includes the event, accommodation, and up to 4 meals during your stay.
PLAN #2 [EVENT ONLY]: €15 – includes the event and up to 2 meals.

You may want to avail yourselves of the cheap / virtually free accommodation. So, for your €35 you are getting 2 nights accommodation in a house available specially for Co:Wat guests, the event, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Saturday, and also breakfast on Sunday.

€15 is the price available for Waterford natives, or anyone else who has their own accommodation sorted. The price includes the event, and meals (lunch and dinner) on Saturday.

Other items that are provided throughout, free of charge, include:- 1. Pens and paper to use; 2. Coffees, teas, and some soft drinks; 3. Snacks, 4. Possibly a ‘hangover’ event on the Sunday (depending on demand).

waterford2017cakeDrinks and snacks at Waterford 2017.

We can only guarantee proper beds to the first 5 people who apply, and need a place to sleep, thereafter, we’re talking camp beds, air mattresses, and if the number sleeping exceeds 10, there will be camping accommodation on site to cater for that possibility.

To book your place at Co:Wat?! send the payment to Eoin Jackson via PayPal at the address ayum@live.ie (please remember to select ‘payment to friends & family’ as this is a contribution towards covering personal costs). Alternatively make out a cheque to Eoin Jackson and send to: 33 Shanakiel, Coxtown, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

If you are coming from overseas, the best options are to fly into Cork or Dublin. Both of these are approx a 90min drive from Waterford. Bus and train would be available to the city, and we can arrange a lift to the venue from there on request.

For anyone who would rather take the ferry, there are regular sailings into Rosslare harbour from Pembroke and Fishguard in Wales. Please note, Rosslare is a 60 minute drive from Dunmore East.

For anyone travelling within Ireland, if you can make it to Waterford, we can provide a lift to the venue for you. If you are using a sat-nav, “Carbally Community Centre, Ballymacaw” should work fine.
So if you fancy a few games of Countdown potentially followed by a swim on the beach, come to Waterford in the sunny southeast of Ireland this June! Hope to see you there. 🙂


For other enquiries, please email FOCAL and we will be happy to assist: focalcountdown@gmail.com.